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The proper display can take any artistic work to the "next level." At Amplified Art, we
not only frame all the work we have on display, we also offer our services to the public!

From archival framing to your basic fitted styles, with a wide selection of both frames
and mats, our custom framing solutions will fit your style and budget. Stop by to speak
with us about your framing needs or simply drop us an email (link to the left) and let
us know what you have in mind.


Our pricing structure is free of extraneous fees and obscene markups. Unlike other retail
outlets, we abstain from gross markups to our costs to provide discounts. We use quality
materials, extensive experience and great attention to detail to provide you with the best
product possible. We will work with you to achieve your desired results in a price that
you're comfortable with.

Turnaround Time

We're the same as our customers, art connoisseurs who can't wait to see the work on our
walls. Therefore, we realize that turnaround time is as important as the proper handling of
your valued artwork. We continually strive for quick turnaround and can often have your
work completed with one week.*

*Amplified Art will make all attempts to achieve a 7 day turnaround. However the 7 day
timeframe is dependent on framing availability. In the case that it will take longer, we
will work with you to achieve a suitable timeframe.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee to deliver to you, the customer, your framed materials in the exact manner
discussed at the time of purchase. If the final piece does not meet the agreed upon
standards, Amplified Art will take responsibility for any necessary corrections.